Welcome to KAROB studios. We hope you enjoy seeing some of our work and are intrigued to learn more.

Our work is inspired by the world around us and the events that happen every day. By things that give interest, color and texture to our daily lives. By the myriad of stories shared between us and the entire universe around us

Our work travels between the ordinary to the extraordinary, functional to decorative, expressionistic to the narrative. Life is so full of possibilities that limits can be hard to adhere to and patterns hard to follow.

By design or coincidence we try to make our work accessible to all. We find ourselves lost between the contemporary and folk visions as to what "art" really is. Our brains want order and sense while our guts want to feel what is right.

In spite of all of the obvious contradictions and confusion we feel there is a vein of continuity in the work we have shared between us and those around us. To us art is a process and a way of thinking as much as it is the physical manifestation of the work we perform.

Thank you for taking the time to look into our world.








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